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Jordan Anderson is in the park and notices a person flying in the sky. Distracted by the unusual sighting, Desean gives Jordan a blue stone and runs off into the park. Shortly after that, Jordan bumps into Jaden Patient who gets stuck underground. Jordan then agree to help him out of his situation. As they're getting close to their destination they are confronted by Shane Silverman who want's the mysterious blue gem. Shane is ready to attack Jordan and Jaden. Thinking quickly, Jordan threw the stone and got Jaden away safely... or so they thought. Shane confronts them shortly after accusing them of having more of those gems, Jordan explains that Desean gave it to him, however Shane doesnt belive him. Desean told Shane that Jordan stole more gems from him as a set up. With Jaden helping him, Jordan has to find Desean and get him to tell Shane the truth.

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Published1 year ago
Tags16-bit, Action-Adventure, Arcade, Platformer
Player countSingleplayer


jordan.exe (64 MB)